Friday, April 8, 2011


A new novel by Pearson Moore

Author Pearson Moore, best known for his essays and books on LOST, today released his first novel, "Cartier's Ring," the compelling tale of the birth of Canada.

Cartier's Ring

A red snake coils its body around a young woman's leg. She looks in horror as the red scales fall away, and underneath the snake is black. Irokua black snakethe sign of her mortal enemy, the Iroquois.

It is Myeerah's dream, the dream of an eleven-year-old girl. It is the dream that will found three great nations. It is the beginning of the land we call Canada.

Cartier's Ring

She is healer, hunter, warrior. Her strength will inspire generations. Her courage will found a nation. Experience history as never before. See the birth of Canada through the eyes of the woman who lived and breathed it: Myeerah of Hawk Clan, Matriarch of the Wendat Nations, Mother of Canada.

"Only men have dreams such as this, not girls. Not the daughter of a slave." So begins an adventure that will span eight decades across two continents and dozens of historical figures. From swashbuckling pirates on the high seas to the slave traders of Mexico, to the genocidal wars of North America, Pearson Moore engages from the very first page, using a vibrant prose style that captivates the imagination, and the heart.

Twelve years of intensive research went into building the rich historical background for Cartier's Ring, including dozens of trips to Québec, Montréal, Upstate New York, and Midland, Ontario. But it is the emotional depth of Myeerah's story that brings the novel to life. You will feel her pain as she is beaten and enslaved, touch her tear-streaked face as she witnesses the ritual torture and execution of her brother, share in her joy as she overcomes deprivation and starvation, and stand up and cheer when she vanquishes her enemies.

Using rarely-deployed but deeply effective narrative devices, Moore immerses you in a strange world that is attractive in its humanity and intriguing in its statements about our common heritage and destiny. This novel is unabashed in its proclamation of feminine strength, courage, and tenacity. It is a rich and powerful testament to the ideals that founded a nation, and the indefatigable will of the women and men who shared a common vision. Most of all, this is Pearson Moore's tribute to a country and a philosophy of life; his passion is evident on every page.

Cartier's Ring is that rare creation that will change the way you think about the world, about your own country, and most of all, about the country that is the starting point and the focus of every word in this novel: Canada.

Cartier's Ring is the first novel of writer Pearson Moore. Relayed from the point of view of a young Aboriginal girl, Cartier's Ring tells the story of Jacques Cartier's first contact with the summer fishing camp on the shores of the Atlantic, his first winter in Stadacona, the later explorers who came for furs, fish, and treasure, and the arrival of the man who would found Québec, Samuel de Champlain
all of these events, as they happened, through the eyes of a girl who becomes hunter, warrior, matriarch, and leader of a great nation.

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