Sunday, March 27, 2011

A Midnight Snack

This story was my entry in the Sunday Writing Prompt ( It has nothing to do with Canada, but it was an amusing exercise. These were the rules: Use 200 words or less to describe what happened right before this photo was taken off the Africam web cam.

Now, here’s the photo and the story behind the photo. Enjoy!

“Don’t eat that,” my sister said, swishing her tail in my face. “You’ll get indigestion. Have a rabbit, or a goat.”

“What if I don’t like chasing around after rabbits?” I asked. “And how do you know I’d get indigestion, anyway?”

“Because I tried it once, that’s why. It made my breath stink, and my husband wouldn’t come near me for weeks.”

“Such theatrics! Lest you forget, I know your husband. I’ve seen the two of you out there, behind the bushes—and in front of your children, too!”

My sister snorted and looked away. She raised her eyes to the thick, bushy tree on the far side of the watering hole. “Think what you like,sis,” she said. “I was a eucalyptus widow.”

“Hmpff. My cousin loves eucalyptus. ‘Tastes good after eating water buffalo,’ she said. Well I aim to find out. How many lions can say they’ve dined on eucalyptus?”

I finished off the last leaf just as dawn broke. I tried to walk, but my stomach felt so bloated I could barely move. I gazed at the barren tree and started to gag. Just before I vomited, I heard a voice behind me.

“Told you so,” she said.

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